Mediterranean cuisine

Greek cuisine is typical of Mediterranean food, which uses ingredients such as olive oil, herbs like oregano and bay leaves and a lot of vegetables, meat and fish. Rhodos Palace opened its doors over 17 years ago and since the beginning, the restaurant has presented pure, traditional Greek cuisine. With a menu that changes very little, the Greek chefs at Rhodos Palace make sure our customers know exactly what they can expect. “Once in a while we add a new dish to the menu, but we usually work with the same recipes and dishes,” explains co-owner Sotiris Kontzes. “Our customers like it that way: all their favourite dishes stay as they are.” This philosophy has led to Rhodos Palace building up a large regular customer base. “We have customers who started coming here when they were only six years old. Now they bring their own families here.”

Nothing but the best quality

Delicious dishes from the grill like gyros, souvlaki and bifteki come with the most delectable baked dishes, which often contain aubergine and tomato. “The Greeks use much more vegetables in their dishes, but they use them differently. We almost never use butter or lard, but always olive oil, which forms the basis.” For the little ones there are special children’s meals, and there is plenty of choice for vegetarians at Rhodos Palace as well. Only the best quality products are used in the kitchen. “We only want the very best, we don’t make any compromises. Even so, we try to keep our prices as accessible as possible. We want everyone to be able to eat with us, as long as the food is top quality.” Guests at Rhodos Palace are invited to enjoy a complimentary glass of Greek ouzo before their meal. And afterwards, a cocktail of Greek liqueurs, wines and soft drink awaits them. “People often ask us what this cocktail is called. Because we make it ourselves, we just decided to call it ‘Rhodos’.”

Eating at home

The restaurant has space for 280 people, of which 120 are in the back room. “This space can also be booked for larger groups. We often offer buffets for such parties.” People who don’t have time to go out for a full meal can also pick up their favourite dishes. “Takeaway gets a 15% discount on the usual price. Especially when the weather is good, people like to take away their food to eat it in their gardens.”